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It is true that there are differences between product and innovative, but this does not mean the challenges and pressures are unimportant. Robert and I have been very fortunate. Our mutual respect for our respective professions allows us to accomplish more than we could if working alone. Robert has a focus on strategy and creation, while I'm more focused on R&D. This allows us to do much more. We have been able to build a larger team in order to preserve and safeguard the skills we value. It can feel like we're navigating an ocean in a dinghy that has a torn out sail. Sometimes we have good weather and sometimes it pours.

Robert and I were already making tourbillons the classic way when we started working together. We knew that there was no improvement possible. In the mid-1990s the watch press said that tourbillons are a gimmick, and mass-produced movements are just as good. Robert and I began to study Abraham-Louis Breguet.Replica Watches We knew that a wristwatch is different from a pocketwatch because it moves through space. Then, we had an Eureka moment and realised we needed to place the tourbillon and escapement at an angle. We began with 30 degrees, and we knew that we could improve on it. We set a goal for ourselves with our QP and worked hard to achieve it.

When someone tells me that something is impossible, all I can think of is: "Well, before the telephone, television and internet, it was impossible." By asking yourself the right questions and finding people who understand your vision, you will be able to overcome obstacles. The diamond spring is a balance spring that has not been commercialized yet, but its development allowed us to make significant progress in other fields, such as Mechanical Nano.

Experimental Watch Technology, is what we call our own watch laboratory. Robert and I quickly realized that we would need a lab with the necessary equipment to be able to study mechanical watches in depth.Replica Tag Heuer Watches Each watch is an equation in algebra with one unknown "x". We add it to the experiment when we find it and create something new. It's unique. Usually, there's a marketing strategy that drives development, but as watchmakers this isn’t our motivation. We are committed to innovation and preserving skills because we think the mechanical watch is a valuable part of the world.