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Would you consider expanding the Reverso Atelier line to include the Master collection to allow for bespoke changes to the watch's design?

Customising a watch Reverso means that we will always see it as a Reverso, and only then add a little individuality to the dial or strap. We know that the design is more important than any personalisation. I don't know if the same thing would be done with the Master, allowing crazy dials and designs.Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches It might look like a Control Master. You may lose the connection with the brand and spirit of the master if you select, for example, different applied indexes in different shapes or fonts.

Is it true that Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches is known as a rectangular watch brand because of its Reverso?

The market for round watches is larger than the market for rectangular watches. The Reverso may be the best-selling watch on the market for shaped watches but it represents only 10 percent of the overall market. Even if the Master has a lower market share than Reverso does, it still brings in more revenue for Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches. It's already a huge success, but it's hidden because it is promoted less than the Reverso.Patek Philippe Replica Watches It has been a mainstay of the brand for 25 years. While the Reverso is more visually appealing, the round watches have the most business. Reverso is a part of Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches but it is much more than that.

Tell me about your thousand hours of testing. What does this have to do with other brands such as Omega and Rolex?

Our in-house resting is the best on the market. It was important to us that the watches were more reliable. We designed a test that is different from COSC. COSC tests watches for 24 hours at a time in one place. This static test will check the functionality of the watch under certain conditions. We decided to make a dynamic test, which would simulate the movement of the watch on your wrist.