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We consider 20 years to be the boundary between contemporary and heritage. The original Master range, which dates back to 1992, is already considered a heritage item.

You bring up Master. The pieces we saw at SIHH 2017 were completely different from the pieces of 1992 and are almost more retro. Why?

The original Master was inspired by simple aesthetics such as those of the Memovox and Geophysic from the 1950s. It is therefore perceived to be very classic, and that's what we really wanted at the time: a classic watch which was robust and reliable. We then created functionality with the Master Geographic,Tudor Replica Watches which has time zones, and the Master Memovox alarm. These complications were added to a classic watch. The 1950s were characterized by reliability and practicality, which is why we chose a design that was inspired by this period.

We feel that 25 years on, the original designs may be seen as too classic by the younger generation, because in the last quarter of a century, everyone has designed something similar to the Master. We wanted to create a Master Control that was modern and enhanced the user-friendliness. We felt that the sunray pattern, elegant hands, and traditional dial did not make it as legible as, say, the Reverso. So we decided to make it more legible and masculine at the same. That's when we began working on the blue hand to add a little more contrast. We kept the Master signatures of 12, 3, 6, and 9, but changed everything else. It now looks like a sector dial. We then looked at an old museum piece,Omega Replica Watches and this is where we got our inspiration from: a watch from the 1930s. We found it interesting that we felt the aesthetic of the 1930s added a modern touch and looked more contemporary than the watch from the 1950s.

It's amazing to see the design looping back around. The dials from the 1930s and 1920s could easily be today.